About Me

The Pitch

My name is Marc Joseph and I am a full-stack Web Developer, currently living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and my primary focus and inspiration for my studies are WordPress Development. In my spare time, I enjoy going on bike rides and exercise. I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am very passionate about Web Development and strive to better myself as a developer, and the development community as a whole.

Languages List

I have been studying web development since 2011 and I develop in PHP. I am experienced in both front and back-end development, and I am proficient in HTML, CSS, SASS, XML, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL to name a few.


I am a Professional WordPress Developer where I have work with many clients on many projects where I help contribute to their business success. I have also work with companies like Auction123, Rand Marketing and Green Group Studio where I not only learned from other fellow developers and designers and gain quite a bit of experience but also forged a bond where we can all grow together and learn from one another while contributing towards each others success. I am also the owner of nFamous Creations, that I founded in 2011 and was incorporated in 2013. I am fascinated by the WordPress platform, although I am experienced with other platforms, WordPress CMS is my number one choice for building any website.

My Site is Built on WordPress

The site you are currently viewing is completely original and runs on the latest WordPress CMS platform. The site is also on the latest version PHP and incorporates all the latest security techniques to fight against malicious attacks.

Want to hire me to build your next website or simply to give it a face-up? Get in touch! or view my resume.